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From the Clouds to the Lido Deck

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The older sister travel advice that is actually helpful. Welcome to the Lounge.

What’s in My Bag: Holistic Edition

While traveling have you ever felt the reality check of serious stomach pain...

A Beginners Guide to Points Life

Ever wonder how travel gurus can sit on a $10,000 Emirates first class ticket...

From the Clouds to the Lido Deck

I get pre-flight jitters, but I used to get extra nervous when flying over water...

Kim’s Travel Routine

Having a travel routine will positively impact your well-being...

How to Fly Into TJ & Exit in SD

You can fly to the Tijuana Airport, walk through the airport terminal, and exit in San Diego on US soil.

Anxiety IRL & In the Sky

I need to travel for my sanity, and I like to go for 2 weeks to 1 month.