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Secure any bag or tote to your rolling suitcase

Everyone’s must-have travel necessity

"Anything that helps me be hands-free in the airport gets an A+ from me. RYDIR does that."

Jane S.


"If you ever sit your tote on top of your carry-on roller bag, you know it inevitably falls off. RYDIR Band solves that and then some."

Jill Z.


"I refuse to travel without my RYDIR Band. Keeps everything rolling and protects my bag from gross airport germs."

Cara F.

Las Vegas

Practical and chic

Made in USA

Hands-free hero

Keeping it rolling

Safely secure any bag or tote to your rolling suitcase

Keep it easy

Stash loose items between your bag and RYDIR Band for easy access

Keep it clean

Protect your bag from travel germs, then throw it in the wash