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3 Tips for Traveling with Your Luxury Bag

Traveling with a luxury tote can elevate your look, but ensuring it stays pristine during your journey can be challenging. Here are some tips on how I keep my belongings clean and secure while on the move.

Tip #1: Keep Essentials Close

When traveling, I always keep important items on my person. I usually bring two types of bags with my carry-on:

  1. Capacious Duffle Bag: I love using a spacious duffle bag like the MZ Wallace NIK. It’s perfect for carrying multiple pouches containing all my travel essentials. For instance, I have a pouch for cords, a pouch for skincare and makeup, and a pouch for medicine, Vicks, and other necessities. Additionally, I carry a small black clutch, such as my MZ Wallace pouch, which doubles as a chic going-out bag.

  1. Luxury Tote: Sometimes, I prefer to bring a luxury tote as my statement bag for the trip. A favorite of mine is the Dior Book Tote. Given how frequently items can get lost in transit, I like keeping my prized possessions with me rather than risking them in checked luggage.

Tip #2: Clean and Dust Regularly

Travel can be messy, and dust or grime can easily accumulate on your bags. To combat this, always bring some baby wipes or a soft cloth. Regularly wiping down your carry-on and your luxury bags can keep them looking fresh and clean throughout your journey. 

At the end of each trip, I even like to wipe down the wheels of my suitcase with either the baby wipes or Lysol wipes so that it is fresh for the next trip and doesn’t accidentally get my clothes or belongings dirty. 

Tip #3: Use Protective Covers

To ensure your luxury bags remain in top condition, bring a dust bag or use a product like The Rydir Band. The Rydir Band helps keep your belongings contained and secure. Additionally, the band can offer extra space and help secure your tote to your carry-on, providing both protection and convenience. 

Traveling with a luxury tote doesn't have to be a headache. By creating a simple travel routine, you can enjoy your travels while keeping your luxury bags in perfect condition. 

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